The place for "techies" and others to NOT talk tech!
I've called this "The place for techies and others to NOT talk tech!" -- I'm a "techie" (I really don't consider myself a geek although I have been called that also!).  I have a tendency to bury myself in the work I love doing, but I'm not one dimensional!

I'm looking at this site to provide some relief to the one dimensional "techie" and "workaholic" within me.  I'm looking at this site to be a mixture of interesting "stuff", away from work - whether "techie" work or other.

The Pan-Mass Challenge -- Biking for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute

On August 4th I was fortunate enough to ride the annual Pan-Mass Challenge from Sturbridge to Bourne.  The fun of it was in the joining with approximately 2,700 other riders who also committed to doing what they can to support the efforts of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute through raising funds in these tough times.  Most riders ride because cancer has come uninvited into their lives, sometimes with devastating, heartbreaking results.  A cancer diagnosis is never a welcome one.

On the serious side is the fund-raising commitment that each rider makes when signing up for the ride. This year will be the 33rd year of the ride, and the goal for this year is to raise $36,000 through the efforts of some 5,500 riders, supported by some 3,500 volunteers along the way.  Also on the serious side is the training for the ride -- it is for sure an "endurance" event.  Most riders will spend in excess of 1,500 miles of riding during their pre-event training.

You can read more about my ride in my NoTechTalkBlog. Please consider a donation to my fund-raising efforts by clicking the following link - 
Pan-Mass Challenge Donation.